Blue Menu Bar on Desktop

  dave h 11:39 19 Oct 2003

I decided to remove the 'my Network places Icon from ny desktop.
In desktop I went to 'Properties>Desktop>customize desktop. Unchecked the 'my Network places' box, clicked O.K., clicked apply.

when I was returned to the desktop I found a blue menu bar (about two inches wide) down the left hand side of my desktop containing the menus 'Folder tasks', 'Other places', and 'Details'.

I have also lost my 'wallpaper' picture and all my icons have moved two inches to the right (pushed over by the menu bar), several have disappeared off screen.

Any Ideas how to get my desktop back to normal? I've tried looking around the properties box but had no success.


  dave h 11:44 19 Oct 2003

On the desktop I can no longer re-position the icons, I went to a higher resolution to try and get the right hand side icons back, but when I moved them, the sprang back to their original position.

  dave h 11:58 19 Oct 2003

I finally got my brain in gear!

Did a systen restore to two days back. It cleared the problem.

One thing though, the wallpaper was the one I put on before the restore, not the one that was there when the restore point was created, but who cares, I've got rid of the blue menu.

I'd still be interested in finding out what caused it and another way to get rid of it!

Any Ideas??

  dave h 12:04 19 Oct 2003

exited the web, went to change my wallpaper, and the blue menu bar came back!


  dave h 15:10 19 Oct 2003


  powerless 15:22 19 Oct 2003

Hover your mouse over the bar.

Move it to the top and see if an X pops up and click it.

Also try right clicking the bar for any options.

  BarryKeith 15:29 19 Oct 2003

Right click the bar and you will get a context menu that allows you to add or remove toolbars, you can also lock the taskbar so that your settings do not get accidentally changed. If you select "Properties" there are many more adjustments and modifications available to you. The Network Places icon is the most troublesome of all the icons, as removing it can cause all sorts of odd things to happen. I removed my own one long ago, with no problems at all, so it is probably dependent on what other software you have installed as to what, if anything, happens.

  dave h 17:38 19 Oct 2003

Thanx Gents

Powerless - Tried that , No Joy.

BarryKeith - Tried the context menu - no option to close, nor any mention of toolbars.
Tried the properties box, could find nothing relevant.

Whilst waiting for responses, I restored again to the same point, this time it appears to have taken.

To add insult to injury, a little later, I tried the context menu on the 'Network Places' icon, and there was a delete option ( that wasn't there before which is why I went into the properties box in the first place!!). I selected delete, and it disappeared as good as gold!!!

Aren't computers FUN?????

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