Blue Death Screen after an hour

  guyshahar 19:37 08 Feb 2009

Until recently, I had a series of problems with an error box telling me about a missing dll (that doesn't exist) on startup, and random shutdowns with notifications either about "Generic Host Processes" or "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM". And sometimes, the computer just stopped responding for no reason - sometimes on startup.

I thought that running Windows Update would help, but this didn't resolve anything and just added a regular Blue Screen of Death to the mix.

On someone's reccommendation, I then installed CCleaner, which resolved the missing dll problem and the random shutdowns, but the blue screen of death problem persists, and the computer still sometimes hangs on startup.

I tried uninstalling the Windows update that seemed to have started the BSD problem, but that didn't help, so I reinstalled it again.

I went to do a full scan using Scandisk, but I am told that the computer could not perform the scan.

I have run full scans with AntiVir and SuperAntiSpyware, and installed Diskeeper (to defragment).

Any thoughts on the best way to deal with this?

  sharpamat 19:45 08 Feb 2009

Try this first click here

Also try a restore back before the problems started

If you put your system type including O/S it may help replys

  VoG II 19:50 08 Feb 2009

I suspect overheating. Try using SpeedFan click here to monitor your temps.

  PA28 22:59 08 Feb 2009

I agree with VoG. Try running your computer with the casing off (keep your fingers out!) to prove or otherwise. Whilst the casing is off, make sure you haven't got a build up of dust on the fans/vents and check the fans are all working as they should.

  guyshahar 17:59 09 Feb 2009

Thanks for the advice, and sorry for not leaving my system details. I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop which is a little over 2 years old, but which has been kept in good condition. 1GB Ram, 1.6GB Centrino Duo, 60GB hard drive, Windows XP SP3.

Not able to get ScanDisk working again...

Tried going into Safe Mode to run an anti-virus scan from there, but it forced a shutdown after it was about 60% complete, and it restarted it in normal mode, where a blue screen came after about the same progress.

Installed SpeedFan as suggested, and got the following results. I am not sure what these mean or what action I should take as a result:

HD0 - Started at 35C and rose steadily to around 50C before the shutdown - i.e after about half an hour. Switched the computer back on after another half an hour, and it started from 41C and continued rising.
Temp1 - Steady at 25C, but on reboot, rose to 38C and remained steady there.
Core0 and Core1 - Both fluctuated from mid 30s to mid 60s depending on use.

On the SMART tab, fitness and performance are at pretty much 100%. On the Exotics tab, it shows HD0 to be 97%, and frequency was 1472Mhz the first time I ran it, but 321Mhz now.

Will post this now hopefully before the old blue screen strikes again. Any help would be very much appreciated. Have looked at System Restore, but it won't seem to let me go back before January. There is a System Restore point on 8th Jan, but not sure that the problem hadn't started by then. Should this be my next step, or a last resort...?

  Technotiger 18:53 09 Feb 2009

Those reported temperatures do seem too excessive. Make sure you are not using the laptop 'on your lap' or on a bed or similar. Always have it on a hard solid surface and preferably use it on a Laptop Cooler, these are not expensive.

Running any PC with the Casing off makes them run Hotter, not Cooler - though this will generally be Desktops rather than Laptops.

  Technotiger 18:55 09 Feb 2009

I had meant to say - those temperatures do NOT seem too excessive!

  Technotiger 19:10 09 Feb 2009

Also, if you are still getting the BSOD, what Error message are you now getting?

  guyshahar 19:15 09 Feb 2009


So if it not the temperature, what can I do about the problem?

I have tried System restore, but when I choose the restore point and then click "next", nothing happens for a long time (though the computer seems to still work), and then the blue screen eventually returns.

  guyshahar 19:24 09 Feb 2009

The error message on the blue screen just says "a problem has been detected" and that the computer has been stopped to protect it from damage.

They seem to be becoming more frequent...

  guyshahar 20:20 09 Feb 2009

I will tidy this up and put it in a new thread, so it makes more sense to people looking at it for the first time

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