Blue Critical Error screen. Now nothing happens...

  mdeehan01 00:05 20 Dec 2005

I was using my PC as normal however for some reason Norton Anti virus auto protect was not activating. Then the Blue Critical Error screen appeared. Starting to do memory dump then the computer shut down.
Now it will not ever start up. I unplug powerlead, wait a few minutes. Plug in, switch on and nothing happens.....
Anyone help....?

  help me please ? 00:10 20 Dec 2005

have u tried booting in safe mode , if not press f6 when the bios screen comes up then press safe mode and do a system restore

  Sharpamatt 07:19 20 Dec 2005

You need to input far more information before real help can be given, Such as type of system, inc specs, a list of what you are useing with, and any details of any recent add ons or old it is, and even what O/S you were useing

If you are or are not getting bleeps when you attempt to start

This problem could be caused by many differant things,

Do you actually get the inital BIOS information before windows loads? or do you go direct to the Blue screen

  mdeehan01 08:34 21 Dec 2005

Thanks for reply. System is XP Pro. P4 3.0 ghz ASRock P4VT8+ MoBo..... When I switch on power, the CPU fan turns once and nothing else happens. No beeps, no other cooling fans and no info on the screen.
Could the CPU and/or motherboard overheated and caused pysical damage. I have looked inside and there is no sign of damage......

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