Blue bias in colour pix.

  jack 12:03 12 Oct 2004

I seem to recall the following topic was covered recently, but a search has not turned it up.
One of my 'flock' reported that her HP printer has started printing with a disinct blue bias' not with standing head cleans,picture adiustment
She said it is a failry new cart., to I have so far made the obvious suggestions - it is an HP of some description.- such cleaning contacts, re installing driver etc.,which I have yet heard from her on.
A faulty cart is another possibliity -but seem to recall other lines of thought too........
how's the memory out there?

  Wak 14:58 12 Oct 2004

I assume this problem just applies to pictures and photos or does it affect text as well??
It might help to know which graphic program your flock member uses and also which particular printer.

  jack 19:42 12 Oct 2004

She refers to pictures, will check which model
will see her to-morrow Weds
He graphics software willbe Photo-suite 4

  Sans le Sou 22:36 12 Oct 2004

Are the paper and ink genuine or non HP? I only ask as I got a "free" packet of paper the other day which on drying gives an enhanced magenta hue, using genuine Epson with the same settings printed OK.

  woodchip 23:13 12 Oct 2004

When you click on Print, Go into printer Properties and adjust the colour and save the file as a colour map. It is trial and error job to get it right.

  jack 08:55 14 Oct 2004

Thanx Will tick as resolved for time being.
We were at a meeting where much else was going on so topic did not come up -
We meet again next week
At Her Place!!!
Then I can have a proper look.

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