Blown caps

  greenlight 11:19 27 Jan 2008

Hi everybods,
I have a D875PBZ motherboard with blown caps and a melted 12v connector. My question is, is it worth repairing or is it likely to have wrecked more components. I've a mind to try repair as it will only cost about £3.

  thms 11:40 27 Jan 2008

If this was caused by a power surge and melted your 12v connector and blew the caps I think your board may be fried.

If it is only going to cost £3? to attempt a repair then give it a go.

  skidzy 11:42 27 Jan 2008

As this is a socket 478 board i would replace the board,they can be picked up cheap enough now from places like Ebuyer.

Problem you may have in trying a repair,it could have had a knock on effect and damaged further components.

Further more i would not be trusting the board if you have had some overheating from the psu.

What caused the burn out ?

  thms 11:43 27 Jan 2008

I forgot to mention I would be looking to find out why this happened before fitting a new board.

  skidzy 11:54 27 Jan 2008

I wrote
" Further more i would not be trusting the board if you have had some overheating from the psu."

I should explain a little better;

If the psu is to blame for the board overheating,i would be replacing this too.

Can you explain why this happened ?

If the 12v rail has burnt out the mobo,i would guess the psu is not regulating its therefore could be dangerous....sorry all ifs at the moment till we receive more information.

  greenlight 12:18 27 Jan 2008

I have fitted a new 4way connector to the PSU, plugged it in to another system and checked all voltages, it seems ok. I am assuming that the blown caps resulted in an increased current load on the connecter pins. It was only the + pins that overheated.
BTW the PSU is a Q-tec 650W

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