bloody spam !!!!!!!!!!!

  Madrat 21:47 18 Aug 2004


I am so sick of spam emails I am about to throw pc into fish pond. I use outlook express and freeserve sorry wanadoooooooooo broard band but if I turn on ther spam filter it blockes some mesages that i want. is ther a smart anti spam program out ther someware prefably free.


  bremner 21:48 18 Aug 2004

Use Mailwasher

click here

  Totally-braindead 21:51 18 Aug 2004

If you look at PC Advisor back issues you'll see a test they did on Spam programs, can't remember what issue it was but it wasn't that long ago. Only thing I can remember is that all of the programs tested blocked some genuine emails ie none of them were perfect. Another idea is, you may want to try is changing your email address.

  johnsims 22:07 18 Aug 2004

Virgin Broadband have a SPAM filter and it's pretty effective. When on dialup I used to get an average of 50+ SPAM emails per day. In four months of Virgin BB I've had less than 20. Muuuuuuch better!

Write to Wannado and suggest they put in a decent SPAM filter or you are off to another ISP who does have on. Probably won't do any good but I do like venting my spleen on occasions with a nice flowery letter.

  Madrat 22:09 18 Aug 2004

Not much hope realy is ther

  TommyRed 22:13 18 Aug 2004

Why don't you use mailwasher as per bremners link, then you decide which pieces of mail to download from the server to your PC. It's what I use, and thousands like me. HTH TR

  Totally-braindead 22:15 18 Aug 2004

I'm really sorry mate its one of those problems that are plagueing PC users all over. A mate of mine was getting about 75 a day! Tried everything he could think of, eventually got me to install a different internet provider as he'd been having trouble with his anyway, he has a new email address and so far no spam ( although it has only been 2 months).

  Madrat 22:16 18 Aug 2004

I did call wanadooooo (stupid name)and they told me that a spam filter is provided but when I said that it wasnt much good they as much as told me that its tough and if you dont like it go somewere else. trouble is al isp are the same "we have your money now get lost"

Shame Shame.

What we need is a change in the law so anyone found sendig spam will be lined up against a wall and have old PC parts thrown at them.

  stalion 22:19 18 Aug 2004

yes good idea ,preferably old monitors

  Madrat 22:26 18 Aug 2004

I sometimes think about going back to a quill pen and a pigeon.

  VoG II 22:28 18 Aug 2004

You had the answer from bremner some time ago. Or is this your way of spamming us?

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