bloodie rookie, "HELP!!" re: march 29 post

  adopted.son 15:48 11 May 2007

i've just read nearly the entire thread for march 29 and have some stupid questions.
how can i get rid of most of the apps in this inherited hp/2GHz athlonXP/512mb,60GB/wsXP pavilion 325c? i, like the fellow in thread said, have a 'basic' pc for 'common' uses.
i've heard that there are drivers(?) that are shared and removing one prog may muck w/another.
and there are a plethora of files that i have no inkling as to what they are. bloatware, is it?
for internet i have (yeah, i know) aol running off roadrunner lite on brighthouse FO broadband. i got rid of ALL symantic prods and the machine gained about 20 more horsepower.
i'd like to abolish ALL "included security" and load up custom. is that even possible?
a) how can i tell what a file IS
and b) how do i know what's safe to remove?

  bruno 16:20 11 May 2007

If you have the necessary discs available and the know how you might be better off installing windows from scratch and only put on the programmes you want.Do make a list of what you want and if you do not have the discs,don't go down that road.If you want to remove the applications go to add/remove programmes and uninstall them from there.

  Strawballs 16:23 11 May 2007

I'm with bruno on this one go to control panel > add/remove programs and uninstall any unwanted programs from there and it will not affect any thing else.

  Strawballs 16:27 11 May 2007

When you got rid of symantec did you use the Norton removal tool? click here because if you didn't it would have left behind all sorts of rubbish in the directory that will conflict with whatever security you decide to use.

  woodchip 16:39 11 May 2007

When Removing, Try to stick to Removing from Add Remove in the Control Panel. You do need Security like Anti Virus and a Firewall of some sort, but if you Modem is a Router Modem It should have a Firewall built in, if so you may not bother with a software one. I don't use a Software Firewall.

You should not start deleting files willy nilly, If you do not know what they are for.

Before removing Anything, Do you have any means of Restoring the Operating System etc?
Like CD’s etc

  adopted.son 06:39 12 May 2007

i've just looked and i have no disk with which to reload the os (xp)so i shan't arbitrarily begin to remove progs. i gather there is no real way to tell what file does what in my "program files", then? or what driver is shared by other progs? i'd hate to remove musicmatch jukebox (stock crap courtesy of hp) and discover that ws media player has died, ya feelin' me?

  Technotiger 06:46 12 May 2007

Hi, just a comment - I had Music Match Jukebox, didnt like it and uninstalled it, did not affect wmp.

  Strawballs 12:13 12 May 2007

You can safely remove programs from add/remove programs in control panel without affecting anything else what is dangerous is to go into C drive program files and delete individual files.

  adopted.son 18:34 12 May 2007

thanks for the input, tho i'm not much further along. i'm realizing the best computer is the custom-built computer, wot?

  Stuartli 18:37 12 May 2007

Some programs and applications have to be Uninstalled via Start>Programs>Name of application or utility>menu listing (if available).

  adopted.son 18:55 12 May 2007

i fear i may be a bit verbose when describing my problem and what i'd like to be helped with.

a) how can i tell WHAT A FILE IS and
b) how do i KNOW WHAT'S SAFE to remove?

these retail store machines are full of built-in programs.
thanks so much for your assistance and patience with this cyber rookie! :-D

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