bloodhound.exploit.6 virus - NAV cannot access it

  de_de 15:38 06 Apr 2004

My Norton 2003 AV keeps detecting the above virus, but it cannot access or repair it. Why is this? It is located in my temporary internet files folder IE5. When i run a full scan nothing is detected. It only detects it when im on the internet. My definitions are up to date. The information from Symantec is not very helpfull at all.

  GaT7 15:59 06 Apr 2004

If it's located in your temp internet files folder then simply delete all files there (& empty your Recycle bin) & see if it helps.

This may help too for virus removal: click here

  GaT7 12:29 07 Apr 2004

de_de, any progress so far?

Similar thread - click here.

You can always keep checking above thread as they may come up with a solution before this thread does.

  de_de 14:44 07 Apr 2004

I have internet clean-up lite prgram which automatically clears my temp files and re-cycle bin. I turned off system restore, ran in safe mode, did a full scan and came up clean. Is it at all possible the virus could still be there, even though the temporary internet files were deleted, which is where it detected the virus in the 1st place?

  GaT7 15:23 08 Apr 2004

No, it's probably gone - see other similar thread as well (link above). See the recommendations here to lessen the chance of being infected again - click here. Keep monitoring your system for the next few days to ensure all is well. (Return & put a tick in the resolved box if things are alright.)

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