Blood Pressure Chart

  johnincrete 11:23 04 Dec 2009

I take my blood pressure 3 times every day: early am, midday & before bed. Each reading has 3 values: systolic, diastolic (both blood pressure) and pulse. Because of the vagaries of the meter, I take a second reading each time.
I want to record the readings in an Excel 2003 spread sheet and then convert to a line chart. So, on the line chart there will be 6 values for each date/time and producing 6 lines. It would be great to have each line in a different colour.
Can anyone advise me what columns and rows I need please?
I am thinking of:
column A: date formatted to dd/mm/yy
column B: time of day - I am not sure whether to use 1,2 & 3 OR a,b,c OR AM, MD PM
Column C through E: test 1 with
C = systolic, D = diastolic, E = pulse
column F through H for test 2.
Will this work or do I need to have date & Time in one column to be the x-axis?
I see that I will need to select the date/time column (s) and then a reading column to create a line. How do you select more than one non-contiguous column?
Having created a chart from existing readings, how do I update it when I add a new row - or do I need to re-create the whole thing?
Am I breaking forum rules asking for so much advice?

  johnincrete 11:24 04 Dec 2009

The meter I have does not have a download facility with its own software. Can't afford to scrap it & buy one that has.

  VoG II 12:22 04 Dec 2009

You probably want a dynamic chart like this click here

I would put the dates and times in a single column like

4/12/09 10:45

which will then enable plotting a time series.

  Belatucadrus 12:53 04 Dec 2009
  wiz-king 13:33 04 Dec 2009

Quick word of warning - dont take your blood pressure after spending an hour trying to get the Excel graph as you want it. *grin*

  Spark6 14:57 04 Dec 2009

For future reference having had a stent fitted last year.

  johnincrete 08:31 07 Dec 2009

wiz-king: Good advice!
VoG: I think I'll just re-generate the chart each day - too complicated for me but thanks anyway.
Belatucadrus: thanks for the suggestions. Would be good if there was only one reading at a time & maybe I'll use one after I have seen the doctor because I cannot get any sensible suggestion as to which of the 3 readings is the better.
Spark6: I hope the stent works as well as it has done for a friend of mine in UK

  Technotiger 09:30 07 Dec 2009

Hmm, I should have a stent fitted, but the surgeon has told me, that in my case the op would probably kill me anyway - at best, I would only have a 50:50 chance of surviving the op, but he did fit an artificial vein from just below my neck down to my leg.

Still smiling :-)) but good luck to anyone else in a similar situation!

  johnincrete 13:22 07 Dec 2009

What's killing me is "no salt".
Watery veg, mashed potatoes no salt & no butter & no taste!
I'm OK with salted peanuts provided I lick the salt off first.
Same with the sugar coated almonds we get here.
I choose to believe the medics who say red wine is good for you - the local red wine produced in the village is wonderful & light.
We have a Cretan expression which loses a bit in translation but is something like "Slowly, slowly". Not a bad idea to just sit & meditate on how many wonderful things there are in our lives. Forget Brown & the banking crooks and look at the sunshine over the sea - you might have to visit me in Crete for this!

  Snec 15:15 07 Dec 2009

"Which of the three readings is the better"

Having been on a similar exercise I know that the medics in my case merely averaged the readings. In my case the earliest one (after being in bed)was always the highest. Eventually it went to one a day then one a week. My own GP didn't like the notion of too many readings in any case as he believed too many readings could be counter-productive. My average now is something like 125 over 70. When I started in 2006 I was 200+ over something so at the the pills are working LOL.

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