blocking ports on router question?

  theresnogoodnamesleft 19:10 05 Feb 2006

Our flat has a Wanadoo wireless network (2mb), via a Livebox with Inventel software.

Had been wondering why it was seemingly so sow recently and tried allsorts to fix it, but recently one flatmate was away for the weekend and oddly the speed was really good, just as it should have been.

He gets back and it slows down again - basically because he torrents all sorts of wrestling tv shows non stop and I'm about 90% sure he's hogging all the bandwidth as a result.

So was wondering - is it possibly to set up the livebox router to block all the ports that torrent programs use, to effectively stop him using torrents and ruining the broadband for the rest of us?

Or is there a way anyone knows of to 'split' the connection, so we each have an allocated portion each (like a third of 2mb each) to prevent one user hogging the bandwidth and making it really slow for everyone else?


  keewaa 19:56 05 Feb 2006

ON alot of routers you can log into the router and block service, IPs, port ranges etc, so yes it can be done this way.

"Oh dear! That a shame about your bandwidth hogging torrenting. I wonder what could have possibly happened!"

However if he does all this, I think he would quickly realise what's happened and just log in himself and fix it.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 22:43 05 Feb 2006

There isn't any option on the livebox/inventel software that configures the router directly saying "block port range", but there is an option on the custome firewall options "DROP" which has a port range.

If I put the port range for the torrent client he uses in here, would that do it?

  De Marcus™ 22:50 05 Feb 2006

One option (and my personal favourite) would be to block him completely from any kind of internet access until he solemly swears to not download crap again. I'd change the router password to make sure, it wouldn't be long before said flatmate agree's.

Blunt but at least he'll know where he stands with regard to hogging all the badwidth use, whilst giving no regard to other users.

  Skyver 22:59 05 Feb 2006

No wonder I couldn't help :) I was guessing that the Livebox I helped install with a similar problem was sharing the bandwidth equally to prevent precisely this sort of problem, but that was disproved on my last trouble-shooting visit. Look under the Firewall or Security settings for port-forwarding and disabling same.

  Skyver 23:02 05 Feb 2006

Disable UPNP too (on the Livebox) if such a setting is available.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 23:08 05 Feb 2006

"One option (and my personal favourite) would be to block him completely from any kind of internet access until he solemly swears to not download crap again."

I was considering just deleting his card from the livebox, especially as he is being stupid about it, denying it's the torrent even though I'm getting really slow webpage loading and only 7kb download which is a fraction of what it was when he was away and not torrenting.

I'll try disabling the UPNP thing and see if that does it - will that block the torrent program?

(thanks for all the help by the way)

  De Marcus™ 23:11 05 Feb 2006

Either way - he's 'hogging', I'm a bit of a **** when it comes to matters such as this, and if I was being robbed of precious bandwidth I'd be having words, perhaps confront him, in a friendly manner of course ;-)

  Skyver 23:28 05 Feb 2006

UPNP automatically opens ports that are being requested by the machines on the network, not good in your situation.

  Skyver 23:31 05 Feb 2006

Can you find out what torrent client he's using? Block 6881 for the original BitTorrent, but there are plenty of others. If the Livebox will support it you should be able to block huge ranges of ports for his specific IP address, it is possible with Netgear routers but I didn't have much time to examine the features when I was checking the settings for the Livebox.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 01:04 06 Feb 2006

I know he uses azureus, but he also mentioned using a second one sometimes with a different name that I can't remember right now, would have to find

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