blocking msn through sky wireless router

  ob1.kenobi 19:53 06 Sep 2007

can we block msn through sky's wireless router, i have blocked websites but msn still works.

i have got into the netgear set up with click here with login admin and password sky . but how do you manage to block msn? as it still work. there isn't any info in the search options on here and I wondered if anyone else had managed to do it. we need to block it at the router as son goes on his laptop in his room through the wifi

anyone help me...

  johnnyrocker 20:00 06 Sep 2007

configure your firewall on router to block it?


  ob1.kenobi 20:02 06 Sep 2007

ok I'm into firewall rules but I don't have a clue here sorry

  johnnyrocker 20:04 06 Sep 2007

there should be list of programs or such, maybe a permissions tab?


  ob1.kenobi 20:12 06 Sep 2007

its asking to block http, nns, ntp, rlogin etc etc which one will be the msn one?

  ob1.kenobi 20:52 09 Sep 2007

were can I get the new firmware from?

  ob1.kenobi 20:35 10 Sep 2007

i've followed the instructions on the netgear website but get this message, and can't go any further.

Upgrade file is not the correct type or version for this device.
Upgrade failed.

Please obtain the correct file and try again.

is sky blocking it or do you need to do this while you are wired in with lan as i'm only able to go on wireless at the moment....

  ob1.kenobi 21:51 27 Sep 2007

i'm still stuck with this, I've tried to do it with both the cable connected and without bu it still comes up with this message.

  2neat 23:18 27 Sep 2007

I believe sky have their own firmware on the Router. You can use IM from within web pages now!
look at meebo .com or even yahoo now. You may find after all your pratting with router IM will still be possible.

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