Blocking Kazaa

  VoG™ 23:19 08 Apr 2003

I have a teenage daughter who I think is now getting desperate to install this software on our 'puter. We operate Windows XP with a single, administrator rights account, which we access "on demand" with no passwords. This has worked well for a long time now and I do not wish to change it.

Is there a way that I can prevent installation of P2P programs like KaZaa?

  Sketch 23:24 08 Apr 2003

Er, just a thought.

But if it is a single computer. And Kazaa is infact a network-type application. Would it not be possible to block 'network-tivity' on all counts? Seeing as you use one machine anyway. Would this cover it?

I don't know. But in concept it might do.


  Sketch 23:27 08 Apr 2003

Also, rather sneakily.

If you had a firewall. Even a free one. Could you not put Kazaa on the 'Block' list if it did miraculously appear one day?

That way it would be deemed useless. You could get rid of it. And use Ad-Aware to tie up any lose ends.

Again, just a thought.


  Terrahawk 23:33 08 Apr 2003

could you configure a child web filter to block sites such as kazaa im not sure myself maybe worth a look

  Sketch 23:37 08 Apr 2003

...That might not work all that well. Blocking the Kazaa site is a good diversionary tactic. But it can be downloaded from countless other public and 'pirate' sources....


  powerless 23:40 08 Apr 2003

Well there's click here

Don't use it myself, so it may not be what you want.

  Terrahawk 23:42 08 Apr 2003


yes that is a valid point as you say their are several ways of getting hold of it

  powerless 23:42 08 Apr 2003

You use Mcafee firewall don't you?

Can you block ports?

If so block the kazaa ports etc.

Port 1214 TCP

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:46 08 Apr 2003

No, as anyone has access to admin rights you cannot prevent her installing the programme unless you have a monitored mail account on a network or want to spend £100 on terminatorX, a totally excellent proggie which really does here. You can deny internet acces to her in User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network>Network Connections and you'll be able to deny net access to any user account. Of course it goes without saying that you'll need to set up a user acount for her on the XP machine with limited, not admin privileges. This can be done in XP pro and I assume in the home version as well (Start>Run> and type gpedit.msc).

You may like to check out Secure browser ($44 ish) from click here

However as it is your computer inform her that if she installs it she will be banned from using the computer. Forceful parental authority tends to work wonders. A part-time job to enable the purchase of CDs may help, assuming that she is legally able and willing to work.


  powerless 23:49 08 Apr 2003

gpedit.msc is not avaialable in XP Home.

  VoG™ 23:59 08 Apr 2003

Many thanks to all - I had not thought of the obvious firewall.

Especially GANDALF <|:-)> for taking the time to find those sites.

I am the System Administrator and as such control what is "allowed" on our family 'puter. If they want to venture to the "dark side" of the iunternet, that is their business. What I don't want is a load of viruses and trojans infesting my machine.

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