Blocking downloads

  nifferwilko 20:30 23 Mar 2004

I'm attempting to find a program to block a user on the computer from downloading things (such as p2p software & adware - so I suppose exe files) Other users need to be able to still download though (I suppose this could be side-stepped by having the 'override' password protected)

Anyone have any suggestions?


  nifferwilko 10:45 24 Mar 2004

I forgot to mention, I'm running Windows 98 (it's an old computer)

  johnnyrocker 10:49 24 Mar 2004

try pc world for some security ideas like net nanny etc


  anon1 12:06 24 Mar 2004

Security (desktop that is) is sadly lacking in windows 98. It would be very easy to set up with xp. You could try the content policies within internet explorer but that would be easy to bypass with a little knowledge. It seems odd that you want to exclude just one user obviously you have your reasons but it would probably be easier to exclude ALL users from these actions and then it would have to go through you. Even that will prove difficult with windows 98. You should consider upgarding the OS. Bear in mind also that The floppy drive and cdrom can be used to load exe files etc

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