"Blocked Senders". Deamon at Ebay.Not my Entry?

  tufnut 11:21 14 Feb 2004

I have been "Suspended" from Ebay..They say my password has been compromised with no explanation!
I have sent many Emails to them without reply.
(For over a month)...I have always been very careful with security,and have done nothing against Ebay policy...However:I did find the last person who I purchased from was entered into my "Blocked Senders",in "Outlook Express",
Yesterday I found ([email protected])or somthing like that entered into "Blocked Senders"...
I know,I should have written down the address.
I have sent most records of my last dealings through "Ebay",but cannot get them to respond positivly..I had not used the "Blocked senders list..What is going on? I have been using "Ebay for several years before this,(only to purchase things...It's like being accused of somthing you havent done! Brgds

  anon1 11:31 14 Feb 2004

get a new email addy and re-register with e-bay. After all most people use a throw away email so that they can get away with it. As for the blocked senders list that has absolutely nothing to do with emails that you send and you can edit it anytime. Personally I will not use ebay or anything similar because it is so open to abuse. Better to use a good company in the long run. You stated that the last person you brought something from was in your blocked senders list so why buy from someone you previously thought dodgy.

  tufnut 11:52 14 Feb 2004

Very nice of you to reply,anon1...Sorry,Ido not know what an "Addy or "Throw away E-mail" is.
Please excuse my ignorance.
I have been purchasing a lot,(you know after Xmas purchases through Amazon, and others. Have had some,( I think!) very good deals...Do you know of a good altenative to "Ebay"...I am a bit disgusted with thier attitude to customers...It's not nice being ignored...
Thanks again and all the very best.

  tufnut 11:58 14 Feb 2004

I should have mentioned that I could not understand how the "Blocked Senders", got in there....Could it be some kind of virus.

I have Anti virus and "Zone Alarm",installed.



  anon1 14:51 14 Feb 2004

Addy= address. throw away is web based email address such as yahoo or hotmail. Those web emails are easily started and just as easily dropped. The best way of keep spam from your own personal email inbox and for general posting in newsgroups or things like "e-bay". There are plenty of alternatives to ebay such as online auctions but you really should ask yourself whether or not they can be trusted (in my opinion). With the ever increasing 'internet fraud' I have many doubts about the integrity of anyone other than a legitimate business whilst online. If you are using outlook express or outlook then you may have added the blocked senders without realising it. with outlook you can add to blocked senders by right clicking the email, whilst outlook express you can block senders by clicking message then block sender. It is unlikely that a virus has done anything like that and as long as youupdate your antivirus program at least once a week you should be safe.

  tufnut 13:20 19 Feb 2004

Thanks very much for the data.
I get what you mean by the accidental use of "Blocked Senders"....I think I must have opened
the the same without knowing what I was doing.
Very easy to do!
Again,thanks for the warning.
"Once bitten twice shy".

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