Blocked printheads

  Daiol 15:15 01 Jul 2008

Hi,I have a canon ip4300 put new carts in but the print heads seemed to blocked,done all the cleaning methods given in the maintenance section done deep cleaning about a dozen times but with no luck the black is okay its the colors is giving me a headache.any help please.Thanks,d.

  fullyfitted 16:26 01 Jul 2008

Hi Daiol,

If you go into the "search Forum" and type in something like print heads you will find some excellent information and tips on how to clear the problem, Sorry but I don't how to create a link

If all else fails and you need a new print head I can recommend click here

Good luck


  luthier 16:58 01 Jul 2008

I had a similar problem with my IP4000. I tried all the solutions suggested but to no avail. I also used Markett to buy a new printhead. It was the best price by far and solved the problem immediately. I suggest you try the cleaning suggestions first though - a new printhead was not cheap!

  jack 19:56 01 Jul 2008

am unfamiliar with the Canon set up except those with Thermal Jet cartridges.
I gather this model has built in heads like Epson.
When my Epson head clog- or a get one to unclog from one of my flock, this homemade gadget does the trick.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  David4637 20:36 01 Jul 2008

Put head in saucer of hot distilled water (1/4 inch), gently shack till water comes clear. Repeat with hot water. Leave in saucer over night. Repeat hot water in saucer for second night.
Dry carefully with paper towel. If this does not work,a new head is required. I have used this twice and got a 100% matrix printout following missing print lines because the head was partially blocked - it DOES work. David

  David4637 20:42 01 Jul 2008

Further to the above post -
Also pour small amounts of hot water onto each of the spigots on the inside of the head, so hot water will flow into the saucer.
"Shack" should read "shake". David

  m800afc 22:03 01 Jul 2008

I usually save a set of empty carts. I can flush them clean and fill them with distilled water to which has been added ONE DROP of mild detergent or contact lens cleaner, to 250ml of liquid. After the overnight soak, as per David4637, replace the head and perform several head clean cycles. This usually has the desired effect.
I lost a printer to a blocked head, some years ago, and I now do a test strip print of my inkjet printers every week as part of my routine backup do backup, don't you???
All the best

  Daiol 08:22 02 Jul 2008

well thanks all for your thoughts on this matter,today i will have a go at all mentioned & yes to m800afc i do a regular backup thanks for your concern.I will get back to you all soon with bad or good news.Thanks.

  jack 10:17 02 Jul 2008

Try to build into you routine a full colour print at least once a week- more often in summer heat or Winter central fug.

  Daiol 19:08 02 Jul 2008

well guy's, had a busy day today trying out all your ideas on cleaning the printer head sorry to day with no luck.I think it will have to be a new print head as 'fullyfitted' recommended,thankyou all for your support.d.

  Daiol 12:58 04 Jul 2008

Hi,Here i am again good news this time,bought a new printhead for canon now all is well.Just wondering is there any method that i should be doing to keep the printhead clean etc??.thanks all once again.d.

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