Blocked port?

  Femme 16:05 16 Oct 2008

My pc is making a lot of noise the fans inside were all cleaned now my techi guy wants to know if ports are blocked
Im not sure how to check this .
He would like this info before he decides to replace the fans thx a bunch
I have xp

  T I M B O 16:08 16 Oct 2008

Maybe the fans are working cos ur CPU might be working overtime, click ctrl + alt + del all at the same time. this will bring up task manager, click on the performance tab then look at the bottom ,,, how many processes are being used,, cpu usage ???

  Femme 17:53 16 Oct 2008

Ill have a look there ty

  Femme 18:22 16 Oct 2008

zero is that gd or bad?

  T I M B O 18:25 16 Oct 2008

thats excellent

  Femme 18:27 16 Oct 2008


  T I M B O 18:28 16 Oct 2008

Ok, i think ur tech guy meant that maybe any holes were blocked thus stopping air flow through ur pc cabinet.

  Rahere 18:30 16 Oct 2008

0% cpu usage is good it means the computer is idle or should do - are the fans still going?

The tech guy mentioned blocked ports - do you know why he asked this?

  Rahere 18:35 16 Oct 2008

Realisation dawns here - is the tech talking about the grilles on the side/back of the computer? If so you can either brush these carefully with a clean paint or toothbrush, then suck any gunk away with a hoover set on it's lowest power a curtain/upholstery attachment - don't poke it in the computer just waft it over the grilles/vents quickly.

  Femme 18:57 16 Oct 2008

Fans are blowing hot and pc top feels hot lots of noise
he cleaned the whole thing last week
I dont know what he means by asking if ports are blocked
im lost had to pay another service call if its this port thing tyy

  Rahere 19:07 16 Oct 2008

is it a laptop or a pc box? You mentioned the top of it is getting hot, which if it's a pc is strange, but laptops do get warm at least

- what model/make is it
- is the pc recent or old
- is it running out of disc space?
- are there any grinding/screeching noises
- do you run any anti virus or anti malware progs
- have you got a firewall installed and working?

lots of questions I know but if you can fill this in we might get closer to the problem.

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