blocked images part2

  Cockney Rebel 17:01 27 Feb 2009

I posted last weekend about smilies etc on my speedway forum being replaced with white squares with red crosses.This was sorted out ok,but now some images on different web sites including our forum.are showing up as squares with 3 different coloured shapes in them.Usually the correct images shows after a few second or two and then all is ok.Would appreciate your thoughts on this.Thankyou.

  Cockney Rebel 08:21 28 Feb 2009


  Forum Editor 08:28 28 Feb 2009

If they are, where are the image files, and what size are they? The loading delay can sometimes be down to images being loaded from a different server, or it can be related to file size - big images take longer to load.

It would help if you can post a link to the site(s) in question.

  Cockney Rebel 08:46 28 Feb 2009

Many thanks for the reply.
Heres a link to our speedway site as you requested
click here This problem has shown on different sites including this one.

  Cockney Rebel 08:47 28 Feb 2009

should read pc advisor at the end of the above.

  Forum Editor 09:04 28 Feb 2009

but that's because there doesn't appear to be a file on the server for it. It's the one just above the weather feed.

I haven't checked the rest of the site are there any others?

  Cockney Rebel 09:17 28 Feb 2009

You should see a clock above the weather feed.Have just checked,the clock appears on my pc but did take a short time to appear.

  lotvic 14:42 28 Feb 2009

I think you need to update your Java on your pc
The site loaded straight away for me - clock above weather and everything - no delay.

  lotvic 14:50 28 Feb 2009

amendment to above - no delay except for clock which takes 3 secs 'loading' before it shows.

  Sea Urchin 15:13 28 Feb 2009

No delay here - even on the clock. But as lotvic says Java(TM) Platform SE binary needs to be enabled.

  Cockney Rebel 16:00 28 Feb 2009

Thankyou both for the replies.Have updated Java to version 6,update 12.Presume this has updated the SE Binary also?or is that separate.?In add/remove I am showing some older updates still.Should these be removed?

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