Blocked from Accessing any Microsoft Site

  Bev 10:47 22 Jan 2006

"Something" has entered my home network and is blocking all three connected computers from accessing Windows Update or any Microsoft site. I have a Netgear wifi router on ADSL. AOL is ISP and I can access through the AOL window, but no other way, hence windows update cannot work. Any help welcome please?

  Forum Editor 11:13 22 Jan 2006

Are you running anti-virus and spyware software, and if so, are they up to date?

Presumably all machines are using fully registered copies of Windows XP?

Are you running firewalls on all machines?

Prior to this problem, were all machines able to connect to Microsoft sites with no problem?

Did the trouble coincide with the installation of any hardware/software?

Can the computers access all other sites?

  Bev 12:37 22 Jan 2006

Yes to all your questions. I don't think this relates to any particular piece of software because all 3 computers are used by different members of family and for different purposes.
All 3 machines can access internet sites, except anything with microsoft in url....
Any further thoughts?

  Wuggy 14:31 22 Jan 2006

Have a look in your Hosts file at C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/Hosts. Open it in Notepad and delete any references to Microsoft. If you don't want to delete place a # at the beginning of any line referencing Microsoft and Windows will treat this as a Remark and not read the line.
I would also run full updated virus and anti-spyware checks.

  seedie 14:45 22 Jan 2006

Have you inadvertantly blocked Microsoft in the router? I think you get in by click here

Good luck


  Bev 14:59 22 Jan 2006

I will check these items and report back - have to be tomorrow night now as I'm off out.
Huge thanks!

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