Block this spam? ðÒÉÇÌÁÛÁÅÍ ×ÓÔÒÅÔÉÔØ îÏ×ÙÊ

  grumpy-git 14:43 11 Nov 2007

I seem to be getting a lot of spam with these foreign looking characters in the subject & message.

Are there any settings in Outlook Express that detect those sort of characters.

Or does anything else block those e-mails?


  VoG II 14:45 11 Nov 2007

Try Mailwasher click here

  grumpy-git 15:43 11 Nov 2007

Thanks for the suggestion VoG.

I'd heard of Mailwasher but never used it - certainly worth a try.


  shellship 17:36 11 Nov 2007

My wife seemed to get much more spam than me and she has invested in Mailwasher Pro (the paid version) and it is absolutely marvellous.

  AngeTheHippy 17:48 11 Nov 2007

can I ask something? Do you/Wife register at Forums/Websites? Reason I asked is that a few years back I too was getting loads of spam... UNTIL I set up oh, something like a Yahoo or Hotmail account and ONLY used that account for registering my details on Forums etc. The spamming stopped - not overnight, but I'd say within about a month it had dropped to ZERO.



  grumpy-git 18:42 11 Nov 2007

Good suggestion Ange, yes I do use several e-mail accounts & some just for registering in forums etc. but the one that gets most spam is an account that has been running for many years with my ISP.

I'll try suggestions mentioned.


  shellship 10:12 12 Nov 2007

Funnily enough, I register at the odd forum - including this one particularly - and the odd website such as Amazon but my wife knows no forums (fora?) and does not surf nearly as much as me but gets more spam!

  p;3 10:25 12 Nov 2007

we all get the dear spam from time to time; a fact of computering one might say ; mailwasher as suggested by Vog above, is a brillant tool for keeping such rubbish OFF ones computer ; but do NOT bounce any mails and the other cardinal error is to open one and click on the 'unsubscribe tab or the ' please do not send any more' tab ; I leart that 'lesson' many years ago (before I knew any bettter) on the only addy that now DOES get spammed ; that method only informs the sended that the email addy IS genuine and you will end up with bucket- loads of dear old spam ::))

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