Block sender :-(, OE

  dlguk 23:11 13 Apr 2005


Can one body tell me if the ‘block sender’ on OE if worth the paper it is printed on. I have used it before and recently after a spate of junk mail, I tried it again. I still seem to get the same old rubbish, ok not so much but still enough and all from the US.

New topic! Talking of which, one was for b/band, so if the person that runs the b/band newsletter is out there and still singing the praises of Homecall, there is one from the State that is the same in $ as homecall is in £. And you can call Canada for free, we are getting ripped of here. Anyone think otherwise??


Ps anyone that wants free UK calls, well bar a 2p connection fee for up to 90mins, click here.

  tonyuk72 03:09 14 Apr 2005

Go into the blocked senders list and edit the details from the full email address to just that way it blocks ALL emails from that domain.


  dlguk 13:37 14 Apr 2005

I did like you said and there were a few dulicates in there. It took me a while and then I was working on the PC for another few hours. I checked my mail and you guessed it about seven two of which I had edited :-(

Ty anyway

  dlguk 11:52 15 Apr 2005

Does anybody else have a solution to this?


  pj123 18:02 15 Apr 2005

Works OK for me. Forget the @ bit. Just do the

  dlguk 19:03 15 Apr 2005

tonyuk72 tells me to delete all before @ and pj123 I think is telling me all after @ ?? which does sound more likr the thing but I cant do that with those I have edited.


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