blinkx - takes on Google / new search engine

  flying grouse 19:33 18 Aug 2004

vnunet have on their downloads a new search engine for IE which by all accounts is a lot different from others! if you want to give the beta a trial go to click here

  bremner 19:41 18 Aug 2004

See page 24 on this months PCA for their view on Blinkx.


" The results Blinkx serves up now won't have anybody forsaking Google"

Perhaps something for the future ?

  Al94 20:05 18 Aug 2004

Tried it - absolutely useless at present. They themselves admit to only covering 10% of the web. A search on the name of my hometown on Google produced more than 133,000 results, on Blinkx - none!!

  flying grouse 20:09 18 Aug 2004

got to use it to improve it! how do you think google got where they are..............

different features on it compared to google.

  chugby 20:16 18 Aug 2004

Blinkx, also tried and very slow at moment, also think it's only XP compatible.

see also SpikeyChris thread on icerocket click here

  bremner 20:39 18 Aug 2004

Their problem may be that people will not use it because they will not find what they are looking for - and of course they will struggle to find advertisers to finance it if people do not use it.

Catch 22

  flying grouse 23:52 18 Aug 2004

I think Google has gone far too commercial most of the searches that I have done always seems to drag up the same results, same websites " the so called popular sites " unless you go to pages further on? ......................

# with the blinkx format the search details are also kept, with info on each result appearing in a seperate pop out box, when you go across with cursor........quite usefull if you want to go back and check other results of search later on.

Hmmm,beginning to feel like I'm pushing the virtues of this product to much!........oh well!

  Forum Editor 00:16 19 Aug 2004

and like all infants it's learning how to deal with the world. The same thing was true of Google when it started, and look at it now.

I've been trying blinkx for a week or so, and I agree that it leaves much to be desired. That's the purpose of beta software however, and the developers need the input from users if they are to refine the process. I hope they succeed, their concept is innovative, and if they can make this fly it will certainly get my vote. I do great deal of online research, and any tool that improves the experience is going to be a winner with me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:17 19 Aug 2004
  TrustNoone 10:06 16 Nov 2004

click here

Anyone tried this yet? I cannot use this at work because only have w2k OS.

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