Bleeping sound

  User-178362 18:40 02 Jul 2006

I have a sound on my PC like a car reversing. I think it is a waning sound. Any idea's please.

  User-178362 18:57 02 Jul 2006

I just lost the power. The screen went of everything went except the speakers. Is it safe to use my PC? I will not use it for a few days so I had trouble getting onto this forum the screen didn't come on as it should just half a page. If I do not get back to you this is the reason. the bleeping sound isn't going at the moment all is quiet on the Weston Front.

  VoG II 19:13 02 Jul 2006

It may be overheating. Try checking the temperatures click here

  Diemmess 19:57 02 Jul 2006

Switch off and give it a long time to cool. The speakers have their own independent power supply, and I hope your PC has simply called an 'emergency' and shut down.

I don't know where you are but background temps here are very high.
North side Severn estuary indoors with my PC = 23C
Outside in the shade = 28C.
Thunder is about but nothing heard locally.

  User-178362 17:06 03 Jul 2006

I believe it is the heat, I have been told to take the back of the tower and push a green and black strip back in. My place is 30C, the window is even higher and the PC is next to the window difficult to keep cool so I believe this is the problem. Thank you

  User-178362 22:34 12 Jul 2006

My Motherboard is called EZ Buddy. Does that mean anything or do you think it is a name that the shop called it? I had the PC made for me. I haven't done anything to it just let it cool down, so far it is quiet, no bleeping sound. I looked at the Major Geeks from France but did not see my Motherboard name. I clicked on download later. Not sure what to do now.

  Devil Fish 17:48 13 Jul 2006

run belarc that will tell you what is inside the box

click here

  User-178362 00:25 14 Jul 2006

I downloaded Belarc, clicked on Run, then a message came up saying An 1/0 error occurred while installing a file it is normally caused by bad installation media or corrupt installation file. I also had a box saying Installing Copying plug in files, it reached 54%. I think thats as far as it will go. I have looked in add and remove, but I cannot see Belarc even though it is installed on my PC. How do I find it and what should I do next please.

  Devil Fish 17:37 14 Jul 2006

have you tried reinstalling you should get a desktop icon for it after install

  User-178362 18:25 14 Jul 2006

Yes I have tried to reinstall a number of times. I click on Download then it tells me Duplicate Download was detected, Would I like to re download, I say yes. If it has been downloaded why can't I find it in Add/Remove?

  Devil Fish 12:49 16 Jul 2006

sorry i havn't got back sooner been busy

when you try to install belarc are you using an administrator account you need admin rights to install it

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