Bleeping noise

  Sheps 15:29 29 Jan 2008

Hi ya folks,
Only me again, Can anyone help me on this one, my pc is driving me nuts, i keep getting a bleeping sound coming from the actual tower, it doesnt happen all the time, but guarantee it will happen when u DONT want it too lol, well i was browsing the net and it was fine, i went into a word doc started typing and then bleep bleep bleep, sounds like i'm on a heart monintor lol, then it just freezes, it wont let u do nothing, so this is just started happening, any ideas as to what it could be !!! does my pc need reformatting, or is it something deeper lol.....I'll prob need the heart monitor if it keeps doing this lol, many thanks in advance,Sheps

  Stuartli 16:00 29 Jan 2008

Could be overheating, memory not seated properly or a number of other things.

Find out your Bios provider and check out the bleeps sequence at:

click here

  Diemmess 16:06 29 Jan 2008

Since thebleeps occur after a peroid of use, it suggests to me overheating or fan failure or both.
Costs nothing to check.

Switch off at the wall.

Open the box.
If the PC has any age it will certainly look dusty, but if it is like inside a vacuum cleaner bag then high time for a thorough do.

Opinions differ but I suggest a clean 1" paintbrush to sweep, and perhaps a vac. at the same time to collect most of the dust which has to go somewhere.

You must leave the case open for this.
Are they all running? You will have to boot up to be sure. Clean the fans (after switch-off again) very thoroughly maybe a small brush for these. Make sure the data cables in particular are not blanketing any fan

  wee eddie 17:54 29 Jan 2008

a paint brush and a Hair drier.

There's the furniture to be dusted later but it's rarely much as I normally do the job about twice a year.

  woodchip 18:16 29 Jan 2008

Bios health beep, you need to check for heat. fans may need cleaning

  Sheps 19:09 29 Jan 2008

many thanks for all the responses, well i've just done the first , i've hoovered all the back out, and i've just put it back on, now i'll just see how long it lasts, I will get back to you with the results. Many thanks Sheps

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