Bleeping Motherboard

  khaki_avenger 13:24 11 Nov 2004


I was at a friends house last night installing my old pc that i sold him. Unfortunatley i could'nt get the darn thing working so i decided to take it home and have a look at it later.

I did take the CD writer out of the old pc to put in the new pc

I then put his old pc back plugged everthing back in and switched it on. Once i switched it on i get a continious bleeping and nothing happens. i have been assured that the PC was working before i unplugged it to install the new one.

Can anyone help

  MichelleC 13:34 11 Nov 2004

This may give a clue click here

  Danoh 14:34 11 Nov 2004

And this click here

  khaki_avenger 14:59 11 Nov 2004

I will have a look.. but it sound like the MB is broke or i have plugged the keyboard into the wrong socket!

  SANTOS7 15:43 11 Nov 2004

one of the suggestions for continuous beeps is something may be loose, while removing optical drive and transporting tower to and fro you may have dislodged something before drastic measures take a look back inside tower(with usual precautions) and make sure all is firmly in place

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