'Bleep' on Start-Up

  miner 14:55 08 Feb 2005

My PC has started to produce a bleep on start-up. I seem to remember this is an indication of something amiss somewhere but there is no indication of a problem.....thoughts??

I'm running W98SE on a 2.66Mhz motherboard.

  huzzar 15:24 08 Feb 2005

I have always had a single beep on startup and believe that this is good. More than one beep isn't. Maybe someone will know what the beeps actually mean.

  huzzar 15:33 08 Feb 2005

Look here - click here

  sgoku 15:35 08 Feb 2005

Any more than one beeb or a long beep means trouble.
Everything is ok when you get a short beep at startup.

You can find out what the beeps mean if you now what motherboard you have or bios.

  phono 16:22 08 Feb 2005

As already stated, one short beep on startup usually indicates the power on self test (POST) has completed and all is okay.

A long beep or combination of long and short, or vice versa, indicates a problem. The BIOS manufacturer will have a list of the various combinations and their interpretations.

In your case, if your computer is running as normal, I wouldn't worry, it appears to me to be quite normal.

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