Bleach On Screen - Colour Gone Wrong...

  Winxx 20:26 21 Aug 2006

Call me an idiot, i bleached my PC screen, you know those flat screens, i think their called LCD's, not sure though.

Anyway, after turning it back on, the colour has gone completely wrong.

its like stained in areas, it looks dreadful.

I need to know if it's permanantly damages or will it fade back to normal?

I literally done it 2 minutes ago...

  Winxx 20:33 21 Aug 2006

5 minutes gone...

No change, Looking Worse If Anything =[

  Gongoozler 20:38 21 Aug 2006

Chlorine bleach is a powerful acid (Hyperchlorous acid), and I think it might have permanently changed the chemistry of the face of your monitor screen. It's possible that it has also permeated through the screen and affected the liquid crystal layer.

  Winxx 20:39 21 Aug 2006

so basically im screwed...

I was just polishing for my mum!

  Diversion 20:44 21 Aug 2006

Why not just a damp cloth? Bleach may have reacted with the liquid display fluid which I think is Quartz based crystals. One chemical against another.

  g0nvs 20:59 21 Aug 2006

Some people would drop the screen and claim on their house insurance.

  DieSse 21:07 21 Aug 2006

Without making a false claim, you may be able to claim on your insurance anyway. Ask them.

  Jackcoms 21:08 21 Aug 2006

"so basically im screwed..."


  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:17 21 Aug 2006

I think you should leave the bleach for the bog and polish your house with something that will not oxidise all the colours from your soft furnishings etc.

  Winxx 19:33 22 Aug 2006

I asked my mum and she said the PC has Insurance but she has to dig out paperwork, which she doesn't neccisarily feel like doing anytime soon.

Anyways a day has passed and things looking slightly clearer now, still not quite satisfaction but my mum wants to see how it goes first.

Also she said it isnt bleach, its just polish...?

  Jackcoms 21:12 22 Aug 2006

"I asked my mum and she said the PC has Insurance"

Which, I very much doubt, will provide cover against the use of bleach/polish or other abrasive substances on the monitor.

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