A Blatent Ad for my website.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 03:34 09 Mar 2006

Hello all...

Please visit click here

I would like an honest appraisal of the site, and since I have only been able to get as far as I can on a computer because of the great help I have received from many of you on here in the three years I have been on a PC I would like to offer a 20% discount on all items on my site. Just quote PCADiscount in instruction space on order form.

Getting my site, and the service 'out there'
I have read here that the way to get noticed on the web is to have your site linking to others. If you run a site, that is appropriatly matched to click here I would appriciate us 'swapping links'. Again if you just forward the domain to people you know may be interested, again I think this would be a good way to get us out there...

Or should I do goooooooooogle ads?

As always thanks again

PS (The main reason for this thread is to get honest appraisals of the site, not just to scout for buisness, thanks)

  cycoze 09:15 09 Mar 2006

Noticed that the width of the site is for 1024x768 upwards, some people still use 800x600 this means they would have to sideways scroll to view all of the page, more noticeable on the cataloguepage.

Maybe not a biggie as time wears on and more people move to newer monitors with bigger resoloutions, but thought it worth a mention.

  bigzosso 11:13 09 Mar 2006

I would also mention that the copyright isnt at the bottom of the page in my browser on all pages. On somes it has the main pages text overwriting it with 2-3 sentences. I imagine the main text has been typed on a layer that flows over the footer?

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 12:57 09 Mar 2006

Thanks all,

I will make some changes.

I have tried to make the site as simple (and sympathetic) as possible.

It has taken me months to transfer my domain to a new host, so once this was done I was very eager to get it out there.

I would appriciate more comment on the front page, as I thaught this was a nice way to welcome people, but if the consensus is to get rid, then it will

The catalouge is meant to show what is available. Agin I have just put them in a simple order.

I really do appriciate opinion on this, and really thank forum member for spending the time anylising the site.


  DrScott 14:07 09 Mar 2006

These are generally disliked by those with web experience, and people tend to find them a little more than pointless. An impressive homepage which sets information in an easy way to read is much more important.

I'd definitely get rid of the italics. It does make the page appear fairly amateur, plus difficult to read.

Personally I don't like the page transition effect. I think with websites you have to be careful with trying to do too much snazzy stuff as it often just comes out looking tacky. The picture changes I actually quite like, though people on dialup might not!

I'd try and fit the page for an 800x600 screen. You can then centre the page (though it's not very obvious how to do that - feel free to ask if you need more details!)

I found your code a bit strange, in that you're using DIVs but not a CSS sheet - might be worth doing so you can make changes to each page that much more easily.

Otherwise, an interesting site. Not something I'd ever really thought of. Everything is pretty clear, and your nav bar works well (though lose the italics!) Hope you get some business!

BTW search engine optimisation is a whole other field and there's reams on the net about it. Links are very important, and try getting yourself added to a few directories. Submitting your site to Google also helps!

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 22:06 09 Mar 2006

I have taken a load of suggestions on board, and hope it looks a little better.

I do not really understand "using DIVs but not CSS sheet"?

(Ironically I am trying to publish the odd page that I need to tweek), but it is suddenly telling me that my password is invalid....:@(.

Came here whilst I waited for my host forum to help me out, so when I go back I will again take on your suggestions.

I really thaught the bled effect was quite good? I don't think the site has any real flash, and thaught this may be a 'gentle way of going through the site? I even thaught of putting a little music on there 'ave maria'?, but it has been suggested that music is a real no no....

As always I am in your debt


  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 01:45 10 Mar 2006

a few more improvements have been made. I still like the 'blend effect, but again the concensus seems to be no. My spelling has always been poor, but I thaught I had put it all through a spell check.

I will alter page titles.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 02:20 10 Mar 2006

You can then centre the page (though it's not very obvious how to do that - feel free to ask if you need more details!

I have changed pages to 800x400, but need to 'shift' all my stuff to fit. Cheers

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