Blaster stop my internet patch download

  PvG 19:33 08 Sep 2003

My computer can’t stay on-line long enough to download the MS patch or virus update. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Options might be a full restore and how would I do this?

Paul G

  graham√ 19:41 08 Sep 2003

And your operating system is?

  Terrahawk 19:49 08 Sep 2003

xp or 2k if you have the ms blaster worm you will have to remove it before you can download the patch turn off system restore start/ control panel/system /system restore tab at top then use this click here then patch and update your AV when complete reactivate system restore

  Terrahawk 19:54 08 Sep 2003

sorry about the 2 posts day if you cant stay on long enough to download stinger here are the manual removal instructions you will need to scroll down a bit click here

  PvG 19:58 08 Sep 2003

Friend's system - XP

  pepe 20:02 08 Sep 2003

check your e-mail

  dave h 21:32 08 Sep 2003

My friend had the same problem, so I downloaded the "Stinger" and the patch on to my machine (I have the wonderful Broadband) copied it to a CD and used the CD to clean out my friends machine.

This method worked fine.

  PvG 10:22 09 Sep 2003

Thanks folks!

  SheffieldSpy 23:18 11 Sep 2003

I think I have been hit by this Blaster worm twice. Mcaffee 7 has allerted me to two instances of the w32.blaster.worm. The first is MSBlaster.exe and the other is its friend begining with 'L' I've now downloaded the patch, but I'm unsure if I have rid of the worm. The MS Blaster worm allowed me to delete it, yet its friend refuses to be cleaned, deleted or quarantined. A virus scan of the system doesn't seem to find it. How do I go hunting for it, as i'm sure its not gone?

By the way what happened to the supposedly existant Windows XP firewall? Oh well, I'll have to find an edition of ZoneAlarm that doesn't have a delayed "screw up your internet access" routine.

  SheffieldSpy 23:20 11 Sep 2003

Sorry PvG for squatting on your thread.

  dave h 12:30 12 Sep 2003


If you are on XP, Did you disable your 'Restore' function Before doing the cleanup? If you didn't, that could be the problem

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