Blank Screen when booting up

  Wessie 20:48 11 May 2003

I am using Windows 2000 OS and when I startup I get a dark blank screen so I do not get the boot.ini screen and I do not get the windows 2000 logo. Unfortunately this means I do not see the screen where I can see the options to go into the bios or get the choice to select F8 for the different bootup options. How can I get the start up process back to how it should be?

  LastChip 21:01 11 May 2003

Do you get a single beep?

  Wessie 20:50 12 May 2003

Sorry about the slow response in replying. I do not get any beeps when starting up.

  LastChip 21:12 12 May 2003

It's a fair bet, this is a hardware problem. The following is some information I have collected over time, and if you run through the items one by one, maybe you will find the problem. Clearly, if you had a working machine, some of these will not apply.

Beep Code Explanation and possible solution.

No Beeps.

Several things could cause your motherboard to remain silent: No power. Did you connect the power supply to the motherboard? Is the power cord plugged into the power supply and the wall? Is the input voltage selector set to the proper voltage for your area (110 or 220 volts). The motherboard isn't installed correctly in the case and it's shorting out. Check for proper installation. No speaker on the motherboard or no speaker plugged into the motherboard. A cable (floppy, hard drive, etc) plugged in back-wards. Remember: Pin one on the cable is on the same side as the red stripe, pin one on the device is on the same side as the power connector on the device. Check all cables. An ISA, PCI, or AGP bus card not seated properly in a motherboard socket. Try reseated the cards. A bad clock generator on the motherboard (replace the motherboard).

You could also add to this, try another graphics card (even if it's an old one).

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