blank screen / monitor goes to stand by

  mack10 16:21 07 Nov 2006

Here is what is happening exactly with my PC and any replies would be good.

1/ Press button on the front
2/ light comes on / no other sounds (Beeps)
3/ monitor has a blank screen (on standby)
4/ Try to switched screen on from button on the front clicks straight to standby.
5/ Monitor works because when i remove the connection from the back of the computer its states no signal / also tried a monitor i know works and it does the same thing, so i assume it is not the monitor.
6/ The fans are running and the hard drive is spinning.
7/ Tried running the computer with everything disconnected all drives mouse, printer, floppy, dvd drive, cd drive.
8/ turned on with only the memory in place after reseating it and all the graphics cards and the memory several times.
9/ still no response.
10/ Changed the motherboard battery and left a bit of time before putting new one in.
11/ no change
12/ Advised it was the graphics card so bought a new one.
13/ hey presto it works, well for 3 days anyway then .......
14/ no response, as per 1-7
15/ didnt work again or since
Is there anything else i can try? or is that it.

16/ bought a new computer turned it on and it appeared to have the same problem as the above 1-6

17/ I have since taken the new one back and got my money back they said it was the motherboard.

If this problem sounds familiar im just trying to come from a different angle to see it it rings a bell with anyone and i can get my old computer running again?? I may not have been explaining it very well.


  josie mayhem 17:30 07 Nov 2006

At the start of your thread I would have gone for the graphic card option....

Could be either PSU failure or Hard Drive!

  woodchip 17:48 07 Nov 2006

First thing to test is PSU, With a new or known working one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 07 Nov 2006

Boot into safe mode F8 on boot up.

Check power settings. Make sure you have NO power savings set at all.

  woodchip 21:19 07 Nov 2006

Is sreen is Blank, from pressing Go

  mack10 12:15 09 Nov 2006

The screen is blank so i cannot change any settings. The hard drive works as i have tested on another machine. The problem is the screen clicks into standby as soon as it is switched on. Would it still be a problem with the PSU if thre is still powere getting to the board as everthing seems to power up but nothing on the screen. Also the machine did work agian when i replaced the graphics card but went back to the same fault a couple of days later. Could it still be the power supply unit??

  woodchip 00:04 10 Nov 2006

Light and Fans don't mean a thing. They could be run with two AA batteries. You need to try a PSU that works

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