blank screen on laptop

  jammin 20:16 09 Dec 2008

I have just bought, 2 weeks ago, a hp pavillion laptop running vista. while working on it the screen went a bit strange - grey zig zig lines on a white screen and then went black.
I have restarted, with battery, with power, pressed fn+f4 and no response. I have taken the battery out and reinstalled with no luck. All the lights come on and I can hear starting noises but the screen remains totally blank.
can anyone offer any clues before I have to take it back to the store, I'd rather not as I have some work on it

  tullie 20:20 09 Dec 2008

Dont mess about,take it back.

  justme 20:26 09 Dec 2008

It probably will have to go back, but try these first.

1. There is a small button which switches off the screen whenever the lid is closed. Try pressing it with something to make sure that it is not stuck down.

2. Beg, steal or borrow a monitor from someone and plug it in (most laptops have an output for a monitor). If it works then make a backup of your work etc onto some cds or dvds. this will at least ensure that your data is safe.

  jammin 22:19 09 Dec 2008

plugged in to another monitor but still no response,
sounds like something serious to me
thanks for your replies
any other suggestions still welcome

  AL47 22:23 09 Dec 2008

sounds like graphics card or worse, take it in

  justme 23:04 09 Dec 2008

It does sound like something serious.

The graphics are on the motherboard in a laptop and taking a laptop to bits will not only invalidate your warranty but is the sort of job which is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing.

Return it to your supplier as soon as possible.

I hope that you have at least got a backup of your important data as most tech guys in stores will attempt to re-install windows and this will format the hard disk and you will lose youir data.

  jammin 16:04 10 Dec 2008

found out the problem
took it back to pc world and the tech dept diagnosed a broken hard disk
wanted to send it away for repair but i insisted on a complete replacement which they duly obliged
thanks for your suggestions

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