Blank screen after boot but ok in safe mode

  PCA reader 17:09 22 Nov 2007

Running XP SP2 with IBM flat screen DVI connected.
No new hardware or software installed for ages but started get to get screen flashing on/off yesterday. Today the boot process displays but screen then goes blank although I can hear disk activity.
Booting in safe mode works ok adn display is OK. Device manager shows no errors.
Could I have 'lost' my screen driver? In safe mode this does not show as the IBM driver but rather what seems to be a default Msoft driver.
If I am missing the driver, how can I reload it? Switching off the screen and repowering on (in safe mode) doesn't cause any new hardware to be found.
I am presupposing of course that the driver is the problem.
Any thoughts on how to diagnose further/fix please?


  SANTOS7 17:20 22 Nov 2007

You need to find out what VGA device you have in your PC, onboard graphics or a standalone card, go to the manufacturers website and download and install the latest drivers for it...

  DieSse 17:26 22 Nov 2007

It may be a driver problem - but I had an almost identical problem on a clients system a few months ago, and it turned out the graphics card was faulty, and refusing to display in any modes other than very basic.

Switching off and repowering the screen won't cause a "new hardware" situation. To do that you need to uninstall the graphics card from Device Manager, then let the system rediscover it again (power off and back on), and hopefully load a new version of the driver, which may work.

  PCA reader 19:00 22 Nov 2007

an update... started in safe mode cover off the above suggestions and noticed that control panel/display/settings/advanced/adaptor shows mponitor type as 'default monitor' and the adaptor type tab shows 'unavailable' against all adaptor info. Clicking the adaptor tab from here shows 'VgaSave' with device type 'Non-Plug and Play Drivers'with 'unknown' manufacturer.

So, am I to assume that the problem is loss of the driver for my screen rather than a flaky graphics card?

  SANTOS7 19:22 22 Nov 2007

click here

Use the prog in the link it will help you identify your hardware, as for updating drivers go for graphics card first, doubt it's your monitor but you could update drivers for it if there are any (won't hurt)...

  DieSse 19:22 22 Nov 2007

"uninstall the graphics card from Device Manager, then let the system rediscover it again (power off and back on), and hopefully load a new version of the driver, which may work."

Try this please.

  SANTOS7 19:24 22 Nov 2007

DieSse that will only reinstall the VGA drivers which will not help, for the card to work properly you need the latest drivers from the menufacturers website...

  PCA reader 19:45 22 Nov 2007

As, for some reason, I cannot start in safe mode with networking, these msgs and any DLs must be done from my work laptop and DLs xferred via usb stick.
So, first I tried the easy route...uninstalling the display adaptors (2xRadeon 9600 (one PRO family, other PRO SEC family)) adaptors. Reboot etc and got msg windows has found new hardware, ready to use. Unfortunately nothing displayed after the XP splash screen. So no change there.

I am right in assuming in Device manager that when you say graphics card unistall you mean the display adaptors? Or? cos I do not see any graphics card entry.
I wil now try to DL the suggested program from the Major Geeks site and xfer to my duff pc to confirm my hardware setup.
Thanks for bearing with me........

  SANTOS7 20:03 22 Nov 2007

bearing with you!!! not a problem matey...

Have you or can you try another monitor first it may elliminate any driver problem which may point to another issue..

  PCA reader 20:48 22 Nov 2007

have DL'd and xferred Everest and it shows the display video adaptor as ATI Radeon 9600 (RV350) and same for the 3D accelerator.
So, I assume that the graphics card is recognised working.
Not showing however is my IBM T860 9494 flat screen. I owuld have expected to see that in Everest under display, Monitor wouldn't I?
BTW....I DL'd the drivers for this screen but cannot open the file IBM_icm. Given I can't access the web on the iffy m/c how can I open/run that driver file please?

I don't have another digital screen but do have an old analogue flat screen I will try.

onwards and upwards......

  DieSse 21:11 22 Nov 2007

"DieSse that will only reinstall the VGA drivers which will not help."

It should reload the basic windows driver for this card. Then things can be progressed to the next stage if that step works. Safe mode is not the right mode for loading and updating drivers, and safe mode is the only graphics mode working at present.

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