blank screen on 18mth old dell vostro 1000

  nky 23:35 20 Oct 2009

My laptop screen keeps going blank although in the right light you can just make out it is working in the back ground. From what I can gather it is either the inverter or back light. My laptop is only 18 months old but out of warranty.

My question is how long should these items reasonably work for from manufacture?

The Dell advisor just tried to push me into a pay for service and was totally dismissive that it was poor to have failed at such a young age.
Thanks nky

  User-312386 00:21 21 Oct 2009

How much did you you pay for it? If it was expensive then i would say that you have a good case under your statutory rights! I hate it when the customer service advisor just dismisses it and says "out of warranty"

  mooly 07:17 21 Oct 2009

How long should it last ? .... No answer to that, any item can fail at any time. But ! they should reasonably last a lot longer than that IMO.
Out of interest how high do you have the brightness ? The higher you run it the more power the invertor has to deliver, so the hotter it runs and that is a major factor. Of course it should be designed to stand that.
I tend to agree with madboy over your rights, but the secret is to stay calm and quote the facts. Get names and ask for the address of their registered head office and tell them you are backing it up in writing.

  nky 07:21 21 Oct 2009

Hi it cost £375 inc vat. I've been in touch with consumer direct and they felt there would be case if the parts would generally be expected to last for a certain period of time. But I'm not sure what that period of time would be.

  birdface 07:45 21 Oct 2009

Have you tried using another monitor to see if it works on that.

  nky 16:27 21 Oct 2009

Hi Buteman
yes it works on another monitor and Mooley I haven't adjusted the screen since it arrived so it's been at the brightness set by Dell. It didn't seem excessively bright.

  mooly 08:00 22 Oct 2009

It's seems certain it's a backlight issue... the image still being visible if a torch is shone on the screen proves it.
90% invertor failed
10% It's the light itself. The lights usually give warning, a pinkish tinge is one typical symptom.

Options... Talk to Dell nicely, saying how disappointed you are etc. You could drop the sale of goods act into the conversation... have you googled this problem... have others with the same model had problems.
Ultimately it is 6 months out of warranty, and a line has to be drawn somewhere, however if this problem has cropped up on others then you have a good case.
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Other option... you can get and fit one yourself or ask a local trusted repairer how much to replace an invertor.

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