Blank pictures in emails

  mr chips 4850 19:59 11 Jan 2011

I have recieved several emails containing pictures, the pictures will not show, all I get is the blank box with a red cross.

  tullie 20:09 11 Jan 2011

What format are the pictures?

  Vulcan 22:23 11 Jan 2011

I suspect this is the same problem that recipients of my emails are experiencing. If your contacts are sending via Gmail, there is a bug that prevents attachments from being viewed. I understand Google are aware of this and have put forward suggestions for resolving it, but I have tried the suggestions without success. They don't appear to be very intersted in rectifying the issue. So much for Gmail! (I'm seriously thinking about abandoning it).

  Vulcan 22:39 11 Jan 2011

Further to my last posting... I have just checked on the Gmail help pages where the following is now displayed:
"Forwarded images are not appearing.
We are aware of an issue where users are having problems forwarding messages with inline images, as the images are not appearing for the recipients of the email. While we investigate the issue, please try using another browser."

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