Blank monitor screen until started again

  FLT 13:48 13 Nov 2005

When I power up my PC and switch the monitor on - all is fine in terms of lights etc. but the monitor screen is totally black (but green power light on as usual). Only when I turn the monitor off then on again do I get a picture.

I haven't enabled power-saving/energy modes and can't for the life of me work out what's wrong.

Any ideas?

  Graham ® 14:18 13 Nov 2005

CRT or TFT screen?

  FLT 18:33 13 Nov 2005

CRT - A Mitsubishi plus 91.

(No problem with previous monitor and same computer)

  Graham ® 19:32 13 Nov 2005

Only suggestion I have is whilst it is 'totally black' press 'prt scr'. When you then have a picture, open Paint (or similar) and Edit/Paste. If a picture of the screen is produced, then at least you know the graphics card is OK.

Then you will have to check all cables and connections. It could be a failing power switch.

  wee eddie 19:59 13 Nov 2005

What do you mean.

Everything turned "Off"

or what?

  FLT 13:35 15 Nov 2005

By power up, I mean with everything switched off, I start the PC...than I switch on the monitor....everything starts up fine, but the screen is totally black (with a green power light on).

To get a picture, I have to switch the monitor back off, then on again. This happens every time, and works every time i.e. no intermittency.

  DieSse 14:38 15 Nov 2005

"I start the PC...than I switch on the monitor"

Try switching on the monitor then starting the PC.

  ACOLYTE 15:19 15 Nov 2005

Or having the monitor come on at the same time as the pc.

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