Blank JVC Music Audio CD-Rs

  Halmer 07:36 13 Jul 2008

might be a daft question but when I try to copy some data files to a JVC Music Audio CD-R CD BurnerXP tells me that there is no media inserted.

Can a blank Music Audio CD-R only record music (and not excel, word files etc).

Apologies if I'm a bit thick.

  ambra4 07:59 13 Jul 2008

"Can a blank Music Audio CD-R only record music"


  Halmer 08:12 13 Jul 2008

Didn't even know they existed. No wonder they were cheap!

I've just tried a blank DVD+RW and get the same message. My PC says it's a DVD+Writer/CD-Writer so why wont data files copy to that either?

  ambra4 08:45 13 Jul 2008

Did you format the RW as you have to format a RW disc DVD or CD

DVD / CD-R you just copy

  Halmer 09:57 13 Jul 2008

I'll research and have a go ta.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 13 Jul 2008

"Can a blank Music Audio CD-R only record music"

It will record any data you want to put on it.

Music burnt to a CD is still only a form of data Music CDs have their tracks burnt as CDDA data tracks which are recgonised by ALL CD players (as long as the disc is "finalised"

I have successfully burnt data and mp3 and CDDA tracks to so called music CDRs

However some CD/DVD machines are pretty "choosey" about what make of disc they will recognise and will not recognise cheap CDs as the reflectability of the CD may be low due to the type of inks used.

  jack 10:30 13 Jul 2008

Phillips produced a device that took Cassette audio Tape and burned them to a CD in the same unit.
The disks for this were not your common or garden CD/R
They are/were preformatted for this device.-
So perchance has Halmer got hold of this type of [now obsolescent] disk?
Other wise I do concur with all the rest of you
A CD is a CD- It takes Data never mind what the data is of.
The other possibility is the Burner device has gone wonky on him
A Lens clearer is a start point
Then download any firmware update that may be available.
Bearing in mind too that a DVD can only be burned via a third party software not Windows direct.

  Halmer 10:30 13 Jul 2008

for some reason my PC neither recognises DVD=RW or the JVC CD-R disks that i wish to save data files to.

  Halmer 10:31 13 Jul 2008

Bought the JVC CD-Rs from Morrisons yesterday.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 13 Jul 2008

See my earlier thread re choosey drives.

A firmware update for your drive may solve the problem however flashing drives unless absolutely necessary is not recommended.

  Halmer 10:57 13 Jul 2008

Music CD plays but at a slow speed through WMP and ITunes for some reason.

Sounds like James Blunt's been on something or maybe be it's OK?

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