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  jaimie 17:00 28 Jan 2004

I have now started to get at least 5 blank emails every day in among the 30 or so spam I usually get. They have no sender, no suject and no text in the body. I delete them as soon as I get them. Does anybody know how or why I should be getting such things? and more to the point what is the point of a blank email? Norton 2004 does not detect anything wrong.

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  mgmcc 17:23 28 Jan 2004

<<<what is the point of a blank email?>>>

An email which appears to be blank can actually contain HTML code with the page width and page height set to zero so that it is invisible. The BadTrans virus was transmitted via "apparently" blank emails and didn't even require an attachment to infect the PC.

Using a palmtop device which didn't support HTML mail (or PC viruses!), I was able to see the HTML code for the "invisible" page with its zero width and height.

  jaimie 17:30 28 Jan 2004

Thanks mgmcc for the explanation. So as long as I don't open them the virus can;t infect me PC is this right?


  mgmcc 18:02 28 Jan 2004

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't download any emails at all these days without first checking with Mailwasher. In the last 24/48 hours, I must have had at least 30 copies of the "[email protected]" virus.

Mailwasher from http:click here

Many people have Outlook Express configured so that as soon as they highlight the message it is displayed in full in the "preview" pane. I had Outlook configured this way and that was all it took to infect the PC.

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