blank computer screen

  gnuttygnome 16:44 21 Jul 2007

hi need help i have a packard bell computer it stopped working on thursday switched it on and all i get is a blank screen the monitor goes to green then amber and stays blank as in black with nothing at all on the screen as i am new to computers and started up my own business i have a lot of software that i bought from the internet which is saved to the computer at a few thousand pounds so could any kind person out there help me with the problem as i do not have a lot of money as putting it into the business and also the guarentee has run out i have only hadthe computer for 14 months thank you don

  brundle 17:25 21 Jul 2007

Any beeps when you switch it on? Any changes to the PC lately, crashes (or more frequent crashes), blue screens? Any strange noises from the unit when it's on? Possibilites include overheating (and subsequent damage to the CPU) or failing power supply. If the guarantee has run out you can take the side off the machine and see if loads of dust and fluff has collected inside and around the fans, that would point to overheating, but it sounds as if the damage has already been done on that front.

  gnuttygnome 17:48 21 Jul 2007

no beeps new memory chip only noise was that it sounded that it was reading a disc no over heating no crashes icon kept popping up saying visual memery low thats why i put in new memory chip been okay till then thanks

  Diemmess 18:05 21 Jul 2007

Do you know whether you have integrated graphics or a separate card?
Either way it sounds as if the display system uses some of your RAM for itself.

Did you put in the new memory chip before or after the failure?

If the stuff on your HD is as valuable as you say it would be wise to remove the HD temporarily and either put it in another computer as a slave, or in a powered USB case and backup its data contents before anything worse happens.

Above all, don't try and interfere with the OS and contents of the HD until you have a normal display again.

  Diemmess 18:10 21 Jul 2007

Once the display is back on the monitor you can reconnect the HD.

With the HD disconnected the computer obviously will not boot, probably saying no disk or operating system, but at least you will by then have the graphics working again to see that.

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