blank cds for music

  bert52a 16:13 15 Dec 2004

How can you tell if cds are the right ones for music to play on an audio system.i bought some imation ones (CD-R)and some Packard Bell CD_RW from Comet and they said these would do the job The imation ones showed a list of their uses.there was a tick against audio and a tiny, tiny astisk which lead to small print saying that normally digital audio only recorders requireCD-R DA media.I feel like somebody's trying to trick me with the small print routine.
Also when i followed some of the forum links th cheap cd-r people seem to be using them for music but i can't see any indication from the manufacturers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:19 15 Dec 2004

I always use cheap CDs for music and have never had a problem.


  Stuartli 16:27 15 Dec 2004

Just buy the standard CD-Rs (top class Imation 52x in packs of 10 with cases still three packs for £10 at Morrisons) or branded disks on a spindle (25/50 or 100) and buy cases separately.

  bert52a 16:50 15 Dec 2004

will the music cds you've rcorded play on cd player-not a cd-rom?

  Morphy 16:55 15 Dec 2004

You'll need to check your cd player spec for that, it should say it plays CD-R/RW. If your cd player is a relic, you may have a problem, but most modern cd players should have this function.

  bert52a 17:09 15 Dec 2004

It is a bit old _it's a Pioneer that does all it's other jobs perfectly but i have tried my cds on a newer player and I just get silence when I play it.

There are indeed two types of CDR. CDR and CDR DA.

CDR DA must be used if you are using a standalone CD Recorder attached to your HI FI unit.

CDR can be used to record music CDs using a PC with a CD Writer fitted. Any sort will do BUT I tend to use TDK, Sony,Lodak or any branded make. However its really up to you to find the one you think is best. Normally its a bit better to pay a bit more and get quality disks, but for the car CD playerI use the cheapest I can find. (You can also use CDR DA in a PC).

Silence when you play the disk back, does it show tracks, and have you finalised the disk, the disk MUST be closed for it to work in a CD Player.

  bert52a 17:19 15 Dec 2004

i've just tried a cd on my pioneer player( a friend recorded it for me on his computer)and it works-it's not an imation disk but it doesn't show any make.

  billbod 17:47 15 Dec 2004

Try memorex cd's from staples good quality and pretty cheap .They seem to play in any cd i have tried

  helmetshine 18:12 15 Dec 2004


Are you recording them in the correct format....if you just copy them to the CD they won't play in a CD player..if you have something like Nero...chose the option to Make An Audio CD...that puts them into the correct format(i believe CD-DA).Windows Media Player can also burn them for you correctly

  bert52a 19:43 15 Dec 2004

I think I must have accidentally burned the disc as data because when i retried and used "record audio" the cd works on all my players.
I can't however record music on a cd rw.Is this the case for cd -rw disks?
thanks very much everybody

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