Blacklisted for sending spam

  edenworkshops 20:14 29 Sep 2010


I have a small (300) newsletter list. Every one of the subcribers had to write to me personaly to ask to receive the newsletter.

I use MailChimp to send the newsletters, but some people on the list have marked their copy as spam (or something like that) and now I am sometimes getting my regular mail returned to me as my address has been blacklisted for sending spam.

I am going to contact my ISP an explain the situation to them, but this could happen again.

How do people get around this problem, my newsletters, which are more in the from of articles, are genuinely enjoyed by poeple, and I like writing them.

But how can I continue when unthinking people (who asked to subscribe in the first place) mark my mail as spam?

Thank you for your comments.


  v1asco 10:35 30 Sep 2010

Perhaps they are not. It may be their av settings doing it autimtically. Have you tried emailing them and asking them why they mark it as spam?

  provider 2 12:40 30 Sep 2010

Perhaps it`s something to do with the name of your site which appears to suggest advertising of some sort from a commercial source.

It`s also rated unknown in WOT click here

There are some suggestions there which might help improve things.

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