"Blackhole" email address?

  mgmcc 13:04 04 Dec 2006

When using a personal domain which redirects to a genuine email address with an ISP, am I correct in thinking that you can set up a default redirection to an address such as [email protected] which will automatically dump all the mail that doesn't meet the criteria of the genuine mail.

In other words do all ISPs reserve a particular address such as [email protected] to dump unwanted mail?

  Batch 13:19 04 Dec 2006

Personally, I've never heard of such a thing.

For the domains (e.g. abcxyz.com) that I have, the hosting service allows me to set up email accounts (e.g. [email protected]) which can be forwarded (redirected?) to any other email address that I nominate (e.g. [email protected]).

By default the email accounts "belonging" to the domains (e.g. abcxyz.com) will only forward emails specifically addressed to the full email address of THOSE accounts (e.g. [email protected]).

I am also provided with the option (by the domain hoster) to set these accounts to be catch-alls. In this case [email protected] will get forwarded.

  Batch 13:23 04 Dec 2006

Also, from what I can tell, blackhole lists are DNS (Domain Name Servers) that hold the IP addresses of SMTP (mail origination) servers that are known for sending or openly relaying spam.

See click here for example.

  Batch 13:30 04 Dec 2006

If a catch-all is not set-up, anything not specifically addressed to the named email account is binned by the hosting company and an address not known is bounced back to the originator.

  mgmcc 13:51 04 Dec 2006

<<< If a catch-all is not set-up, >>>

That's the problem, I *MUST* enter a catch-all, but I want the mail that goes to it to be dumped, so that only the addresses actually in use forward to the genuine ISP.

  Batch 14:06 04 Dec 2006

If you have to set up the equivalent of a catch-all and then forward these to an account at another ISP, there is little that the other ISP is likely to be able / willing to provide - all it sees are emails that are being redirected (pushed) to it - it has no inherent knowledge of what is being redirected.

I would think the same would apply if you used the service that some ISP's provide to sweep-up (pull) emails from other accounts - all they will do is go to the account and get everything that is there, regardless.

Two things you could do, neither perfect.

1. Use some sort of spam filer software, like MailWasher.

2. Use your mail client's (e.g. Outlook Express) rules to direct the pukka and non-pukka emails to different folders.

Of course, this still means downloading all the emails.

  mgmcc 14:29 04 Dec 2006

It's actually someone else I'm trying to sort this out for. He's with Blueyonder but doesn't use his Blueyonder email account. The answer may be to use that as the catch-all and set up a filter in Mailwasher (already used) to delete all messages automatically that are received in his Blueyonder account.

  Terry Brown 15:31 04 Dec 2006

I have a much simpler solution.
The mail I want (i.e. the people I want to contact me), I set up rules for, and they are automatically moved to those folders. The rest goes into the Inbox, where I have a quick scan to see if there is anything I want, if there is I transfer it to a folder (I call SAVE), and the rest I bulk delete.

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