blacked out TFT screen

  User-359419E1-4301-4293-B57B323B4A77A8F1 18:25 16 Aug 2004

The screen on my laptop has gone black suddenly,
i cannot see nothing unless i turn it toward the light or the sun coming into the room,it is really irritating.i looked in the internet for help but the only thing was is the CCFL(COLD CATHOD FLUORESCENT LAMP)needs to be changed.
any idea how to fix this really tiny and fragile thing without risking loosing the whole screen.
and where to buy it from as no dealers in the UK is providing it.
thanks in advance

  Kate B 18:43 16 Aug 2004

Sounds like some kind of hardware failure - how old is the laptop? Is it under warranty?

unfortunately nope,its not under cover anymore.that is why im trying to fix myself.

plz poste if u have any ideas!!

  Mister Splendid©®™! 19:14 16 Aug 2004

I think you will be very lucky to be able to replace your screen's back-light. However the reason for the back-light not working is more likely be the failure of the inverter. The inverter is a small circuit board mounted inside the lid which operates and controls the back-light.

i havent been so lucky yet!!i bought an other inverter and connect it instead of the old one,but still didnt work.cheers guys

plz keep posting it might help

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