blackberry water damage

  //adz_w/// 17:06 31 Jan 2012

hi, my sister dropped her blackberry in a cup of tea she took it out straight away and dried it useing a hair dryer then put the battery in to see if it was still working i know this may have fried the insides but is there any potability of fixing it ive took the battery back out and left it next to the radiator to dry

  spuds 17:28 31 Jan 2012

I do not own a Blackberry, but there appears to be some confusion as to whether a Blackberry is waterproof or not. In 2008 Blackberry seemed to say that they were waterproofing their devices, and at the same time placed a sticker inside the units, which should change colour if the unit was dropped in water. This was done for warranty reasons.

Looking on the internet, some people seem to say that they have dropped their Blackberry down the loo, in a sink full of water, and all as worked fine. Others have mentioned that theirs got wet in a rain-shower, and theirs didn't work afterwards.

The attempt at drying seems fair, providing to much heat wasn't use, just 'gentle' heat.

I suppose the next step, is to reassemble, then try it out. Failing that, call the customer care centre!.

  //adz_w/// 17:33 31 Jan 2012

ive too looked up online and saw al that its a few cm away from the radiator enough for gental heat ill give it a few hours or wait till Thursday to start booting it but if we cant do that we'll call customer care support

  birdface 21:07 31 Jan 2012

Accidental damage will not be covered unless you have taken out insurance with it.

I would leave it as long as possible to allow it to dry properly.

But as she has already tried starting it and it did not work the damage may already have been done.

Not saying it wont start it probably will but maybe some of the programs may be missing or not work properly.

Maybe if you can get the back or front covers off and blow some cool or warm air in using a hairdrier may help.

best of luck I hope it works Ok for you.

  stlucia2 11:04 01 Feb 2012

The general rule with all electrical/electronic devices is to take out the battery as soon as they get wet, otherwise corrosion can set in and/or components be damaged due to the moisture short-circuiting them. If the wetness is anything other than pure water, the device should be rinsed with clean water before starting the drying process. Drying should then be in a warm place for as long as possible -- certainly a matter of days rather than hours -- with as much of the covers off the device as possible.

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