Blackberry phones any help

  tobyjug2007 14:39 11 Aug 2010

Being an old fuddy-duddy and not much up on techno-goodies, can anyone explain what a Blackberry phone will do and what a good mid-priced range model may be? Any prices, any ideas please, are they a waste of money? I use 02 so would prefer to stay on that network if at all possible, but i believe that there are a lot open network, and that have not just been opened up to take any sim? Any advice anyone could give me on the woes and pros of Blackberry phones would be very welcomed.
Apologies to moderators, i am off topic slightly as its not stictly a computer related question.
PS. what would a good mid-range sim free phone cost me approximately?
Many thanks

  mgmcc 22:19 11 Aug 2010

See if the Blackberry site helps - click here|1ba83839-e525-d5c8-3ad8-000009fcfe74

  Forum Editor 22:47 11 Aug 2010

in one respect - it makes and receives calls.

The difference as far as a Blackberry is concerned comes to the fore if you need constant access to email. The Blackberry system 'pushes' email to the phone at regular intervals,and you can reply and/or send emails in the same way as you do on your computer. Blackberries were initially marketed to business users, but now they're being used by anyone who wants an efficient email system on a phone.

You'll pay extra to your phone provider for the Blackberry email service, and if all you want is a phone you might do better to consider a different, cheaper alternative.

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