blackberry ad

  johnnyrocker 19:54 28 Apr 2010

from time to time the ad appears with an instruction at top "click here to close ad" that is ok but i find when i do this i am left with a black screen and the word done at bottom left, only cure is to refresh the page, is it me or do others have same prob? XP pro sp3 etc


I have same prob. I fixed it by download foof from the Firefox add-on gallery. O rif you use IE download IE7 Pro and then enable Ad Blocker.

  johnnyrocker 20:25 28 Apr 2010

thanks for the info


  Woolwell 20:49 28 Apr 2010

It is the same old problem with the Blackberry ad. I find that it rots up the My Posting link which gives me Blackberry/Vodaphone page without the links to get anywhere else.

  orienne21 21:22 28 Apr 2010

I can just about put up with it when I first log into the forums but it pops up again and again when I change forums.For example I started off in speakers corner and had to see Blackberry add before looking at any in helproom,the same thing, I have to endure Blackberry ad again!!!!Quite frankly this will put me off visiting the forums unless it is changed.

  Seth Haniel 08:09 29 Apr 2010

that something would hsave been learnt fron the last debacle with it...

Someone yellow envelope me when it has gone :(

  birdface 08:13 29 Apr 2010

A nice little ad-blocker if you don't want to use IE7Pro.

click here

  johnnyrocker 10:10 29 Apr 2010

my thanks for that tip buteman i have installed it and will advise in due course


  johnnyrocker 20:21 29 Apr 2010

it is a lot better since following butemans link, but when the ad appears and is clicked etc i am now left with a blank message screen which i not resolved until refresh is used.


  birdface 08:20 30 Apr 2010

Try this Host file.

click here

There is usually an update for it about every 6 weeks.

  johnnyrocker 11:57 30 Apr 2010

i have this on board anyway but not sure how to use it?


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