blackberry ad

  harps1h 00:03 10 Nov 2009

any chance off getting rid of the annoying blackberry ad which even though you say skip ad it still opens another window to advertise?

it is an absolute pain in the ass

  Forum Editor 00:23 10 Nov 2009
  harps1h 13:10 25 Nov 2009

i see our blackberry ad is back! everytime i enter the site it greets me, if i click on my postings it greets me also, and of when i tried to write this thread it greeted me before i could write.

Fe can you find out what is going on. i knpw advertising is vital to the site but this is getting annoying. it seems everytime i come on and want to change a page i have to click through an ad first.

  tullie 13:40 25 Nov 2009

Doesent bother me one bit.

  MAT ALAN 13:55 25 Nov 2009

One click its gone, get over it, far too many whingers on here with regards these ads...

  harps1h 14:09 25 Nov 2009

i understand the concept of one click and i am not a whinger by the way. if you read my thread carefully you would have seen it was every time i changed a page i was redirected to the blackberry page. so take your sanctimonious attitude else where

  Managing ed 14:16 25 Nov 2009

You absolutely shouldn't see it every time. Let me do some digging and find out what's going on. And to be fair to MAT ALAN, there have been many similar threads to yours, to which he may have been referring. There's no need to fall out!


  Managing ed 14:46 25 Nov 2009

It should appear less frequently now

  MAT ALAN 14:48 25 Nov 2009

so take your sanctimonious attitude else where..

If you don't like mate "bothered i am NOT"

but if you had read the other posts you would see there is a resolve to this issue by talking to the right people...

  harps1h 15:08 25 Nov 2009

i have been a regular on this forum for the past 5 or so years and in that time i have never come across any one with an attitude such as yours. if there was another solution to this i would have appreciated a link to it, instead you choose a deliberate antagonistic stance, which maybe says a lot about the person. i have seen a previous thread sometime ago as the link above suggested, but this has reappeared over the last two days since. therefore i feel i am quite within my rights to query this as it does somewhat hinder the functionality of the site for. it is rather annoying when i click on a personal link such as my postings i am instead redirected to a page i don't want, as well as everytime i log in i am greeted ny a blackberry ad. i have no problem with ads around the sight on the sides, top etc, even though they slow the page rendering. so it would be nice if you kept you beliggerent attitude to yourself unles there is something useful you would like to add to this thread.....thank for that.

Managing Ed.

thank you for your attention on this matter. unfortunately it still seems to appear each time i log in or when i try to access my postings, although it seems to have stopped every time i navigate to a new page. my cache is notclearing as i have voted in the poll and it still is registering it when i log in

  harps1h 15:10 25 Nov 2009

just noticed a number of typos!

any chance of an editing tool?

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