black widow scanner

  shoepolish 21:25 30 Jun 2003

I have an error message displayed when I try to use this dedicated 35mm scanner, It reads 'LAMP FAILURE' with a further indication'LAMP or CCD FAILURE'Could anyone advise a)where can I obtain a replacement lamp from and b)what is a 'ccd'and how can I check its serviceability?

  Djohn 21:43 30 Jun 2003

I'm fairly certain that Black Widow, "Devcom" are no longer in business. I think it may be difficult to track down parts for this now, and it may be wiser to buy new. This of course depends on the model number you have and the cost of it new.

Saying that though, one of the forum users may be able to direct you to a source for the lamps. this link will show you how to strip down your scanner for repair/cleaning. click here

  Agent Smith 22:19 30 Jun 2003

CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device. It's function is to turn light into a digital signal.

  A15 23:54 30 Jun 2003

Djohn is right, Devom (Black Widow) are no more, & have not been for some time. I know this as I used to have a Black Widow scanner but had to scrap when they would not support 2000/XP on their older models. I would suggest trying some of the auction sites like Ebay for "spares or repairs" sales, you may just find the part you need.

  woodchip 00:15 01 Jul 2003

Cost nearly as much as a new scanner

  Bagsey 07:46 01 Jul 2003

Look in Aug. PCA mag next to page 154. The Morgan advert has canon Canoscan 1240U refurbs at £46.99. should be a reasonable buy.Certainly cheaper than a repair on your old Black Widow.

  Brian-336451 08:41 01 Jul 2003

I bought a similar model in PC World (of all places - it was actually the cheapest at the time!).

It plugs into a USB slot - that's it.

Its magnificent and I'm still delighted over a year later.

Buy new, they've changed a lot, my previous scanner was a Black Widow/Devcom machine.

  shoepolish 09:05 01 Jul 2003

I was just hoping one of the redundant factory workers might have read my tale of woe and could have given me a clue.Thanks eveyone, its a lot of money to throw down the 'pan' though.

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