Black Widow 4830pro Scaner

  doug 07:12 23 Feb 2003

Black Widow 4830pro scanner. I know they are out of business but I want to clean my scanner. Scanning a plain sheet of paper and I get a hint of background shades. Cleaning the top of the glass makes no improvement. I am wondering how to take apart to clean the underside in case there is a film of dirt on the underside. Tnx

  howard60 07:37 23 Feb 2003

but be very careful and note how each piece comes away so that you can put it back again. Your best bet is to leave it alone and let your software clean it up for you. Having said that I have taken them apart and even replaced 1 glass bed that had been cracked. Make sure you do not alter the angle of the mirrors.

  doug 07:44 23 Feb 2003

Thanks. I think I just want to clean the glass. Will give it a go.

  doug 20:48 23 Feb 2003

Got some useful hits and encouragement in the Windows Forum site. I thought I would copy my reply here for anyone interested.

Thanks Prince. Bit the bullet and got the cover off having read the article. For the Black Widow turned out to be very simple. If anyone is interested, lift off the cover. Remove the 2 crosshead screws located in the recesses. One has a leaf spring to grip one of the lugs for the cover. Tured the unit upside down, then sprung off the cover by sliding a terminal driver in each of the 2 recesses located down echa side. The cover the lifts off from the back and it is then very easy to clean both sides of the glass. There was a lot of blooming on the underside of the glass. Didn't see any mirrors though or creepy crawlies. Re-assembled and every thing is fine. Scanned a plain sheet of paper and the image was much improved. Printed it in draft and only got a faint blue background which I can balance out. Only needed the encouragement for which many thanks again. See you around. doug

  « Ravin » 20:53 23 Feb 2003

cheers doug, didn't notice this post or would have given the article here too.

  « Ravin » 20:58 23 Feb 2003

heres a good article on cleaning the inside of a hp scannerr with pictures etc can be applied to other scanners too

click here

  Djohn 21:09 23 Feb 2003

« Ravin », what an excellent article! I've put it in "My favourites" for future reference, many thanks. J.

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