Black &White to colour

  shaggggyyyy 09:02 01 Feb 2003

Is there any software available which transforms old colour photo's into colour.

  AMD 4 ever 09:16 01 Feb 2003

do you mean black n white to colour?

  AMD 4 ever 09:20 01 Feb 2003

try this software, I believe it may be able to help?


  shaggggyyyy 10:21 01 Feb 2003

yep sorry.......bit early for me, black and white to colour

  shifty 15:53 01 Feb 2003

Looks like your going to need a photo editing package like Adobe photoshop or Jasc paintshop pro. These will not provide an instant click and change to colour process, but they will allow you to work through each photograph and colour a section at a time. I use both photo packages on a daily basis repairing and colourising old images.

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