black vertical line on my lcd tv

  pitney77 20:40 02 May 2008

hi everyone,
i have just purchased a sony 40 inch lcd tv and i first noticed that if you look at the centre of the screen while the set is off you can see that there is a black vertical line running down the centre of the it appears that the tv pannel is uneven! and when the set is on you can still see it when the background is bright. is this normal that the pannel can have this type of blemmish?

many thanks, tommy

  rossgolf 21:05 02 May 2008

if you have juts purchased it....take it back

  woodchip 21:21 02 May 2008

As above take it back

  MAT ALAN 21:49 02 May 2008

As above and above above TAKE IT BACK....

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